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PlaceMoscow, Azovski st., 24
35 000  m2
ClientSB Bank
Mall "Azovski"

Architectural solution design project interior mall


     Project: interior design of public area, ground plan of a project, navigation and advertising systems, company style creation, author’s working out and architectural supervision.

     Main targets, which were resolving during designing and building:

  • Reorganization of main zone, which loose its sense;
  • Creation multipurpose complex of city value;
  • Working out of new type building, which can consolidate different types of premise;
  • Unification old and new buildings with modern and traditional architecture;
  • Provide separation for different zones: kids entertainment, food-court, shops, office-center, fitness-center, cinema, sport entertainment;
  • Paid a great attention to disabled persons: special parking places, big and comfortable WC, wide doorway, corridor systems and elevators has necessary hand-rails;
  • Reorganization of parking: entrances and exits, places for tracks loading and unloading, organization of wide passage;
  • Organization of footpath from different sides of area.


The size of a site, the form, site binding on parts of the world


     Shopping and entertainment mall Azovsky is situated in Zuzino, Moscow. It is at a big crossroads between apartment houses, park and boulevard.

      The site area – 2.4 hectares.

    The main building occupies 140 m at length and 80 m at width. The land parking is calculated on 230 cars. It has been organized a circular traffic on a land parking and it has allowed to increase throughput and to make impossible formation of traffic jams.

      Building arrangement on a site – zoning

     The main part of building is located on east part of site behind sport centre “Kimberly Land”. That is why entrance/exit disposition is situated on the second line. It had big influence on infrastructure of mall.


Space disposition


     Total building area – 34 500 square meters

     Public trade zone area – 4 500 square meters

    Warm underground parking contains 110 cars (3 750 square meters). It has been separated on two zones, has been organized circular traffic. There are some parking places for disabled persons. This area has difficult relief.  That is why we have two entrances on different levels. It was the main point for making organized movement of visitors. Three levels of mall are communicated with escalators, travalator, elevators and stairs; it helps to move very comfortable and fast inside the mall. Glass dome-shaped roofs provide daylight inside the mall. There are some atriums (from the ground to the top floor) under these dome-shaped roofs.


Architecture in interior design


     Big shops have their own design and often one does not go with other. That is why it is very important to create common style of public area to unit different parts of mall. Style of public interior is minimalism. Straight lines, which are connected at an angles 45 and 90 degrees, symmetry became a basis of realization of interiors. The width of public galleries has been calculated like "golden section" (a proportion of height to width of pass). And it was very important not to deflect on 10 centimeters. The construction had been build without working out in detail of public and trade areas and it was a very difficult to take into consideration all nuances.  That is why has been worked out an express-project with a more precise definitions. The most part of new working out had been realized during architectural supervision. There is glass barrier around trade zones, heights of these barriers are 2.7 meters and 3 meters. Barriers of escalators, travalators, and atriums have made aesthetically beautiful. It has been decorated with malls colors (green and red) plastic. These colors are everywhere: in logo, furniture, furnish of column. Big attention was paid to crowded places (entrances, elevators, escalators and travalators halls). These areas were decorated with expensive marble. The floor has been made of ceramic granite of three colors. White color takes 90 presents of floor area. It is rather expensive material, but it helps us to save min wide of trade gallery and to use not much more lamps. Threshold lines have been made symmetry with ceiling cornice. It provides unity of trade galleries.

     Dominant of design of public area is «foot avenue» of winter garden. It is situated on the third floor. Metal girders support glass walls of winter garden. Garden benches are made from wenge. Metal girders are covered with zebrano. This type of wood become like a card for each floor of mall. Good illumination is one of the main parts of design. All distances between groups of lights have been counted for comfortable staying. Two different types of lights direct of movement of visitors. Lights of the spherical form have been used on the third floor, it creates very comfortable atmosphere inside the «foot avenue». The ceiling has been made of cells. The sizes of a cell, height of a profile and color of a material has been picked up for each floor individually. It helps us not to make additional hatches for access to engineering systems: heating, ventilation, fire systems etc.

     Furniture has been worked out individually. It possesses the basic functions: convenience and comfort, a practicality and beauty, possibility to combine elements. The main colors of furniture are red and green. There are a lot of matte chromic cache-pots with the plants. There are fountain and waterfall on the first floor opposite travalator from underground parking.

     It was very interesting to work out the design of shopping and entertainment mall Azovsky. It was the first object which includes all innovative elements, advertising and information desks, convenient parking for cars and bicycles, ways of approaches of visitors inside avenue and square. It is very important to follow basic style of a building and an interior and to apply simple and inexpensive designs for saving integrity of object. The main target for architect and designer is resolving these tasks!