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 "... Only a spectator, which should be thought of the author, is an ideal spectator, that ishimself. Everything else has to do with the box office, not the drama ..."

Vladimir Vladimirovich Nabokov


     Complex decision is the most important target for architect, designer, engineer in architecture. We need to learn all information about building (connection of construction, zoning of areas, relief of building area etc). The base of this philosophy is connection of architecture and design to provide functionality, reliability and beauty of object. There are no a lot of specialists, who will want to audit documentation of different organizations. And if you have just one person, who will create all stages of design, you will save yourself from mistakes at joining of different stages.

     The market of commercial real estate develops constantly. That is why variability of internal structure of a building is a very important criterion of commercial property objects. Sometime owner of building needs to change something at his object to get more profit. Architect-designer should to know how to reorganize internal and outside area of building for different clients.

     It is unreal to think out “life of building” just by beautiful color pictures. It is very important to base on requirement of people, behavior sociology and trend in development of technologies, culture, and fashion. The main qualities of philosophy work of the architect and the designer are the skills to provide, simulate, predict and realize project!