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 "...Art - the art to which you can watch, sculpture - the art around which can be avoided; architecture - the art, through which you can pass..."
Dan Rie

     Architecture, architectural practice and objects of commercial real estate (trading, office and entertainment centers, social buildings, interiors of offices and facades of buildings) are closely associated with each other.  Development of the market of real estate of over the world forces all of architects and designers to learn more and more tactics of projecting.

     Nowadays we have a lot of possibilities to project unique buildings. But it demand great attention to working out of each stage of the project and tracing of occurrence of new finishing materials.

     Also innovative electronic working out has the great value of each building. Often if we use such types of innovation we can save money for the further operation of a building by the owner.

     At a building stage it is possible to rectify errors which were admitted at designing. Harmonious work is very important for this purpose of all participants of the project. Every project should to have person who knows this project, all processes inside this project, who can communicate and resolve all problems with all contractors. That is why it is very important to have skilled worker who fulfills architectural supervision.